Frequently Asked Questions​

Q: I love what you guys do and want to be a part of it! How can I join your team!

A: We have numerous opportunities for volunteering! While we love folks who come with experience at live entertainment events and/or working with the disabled community, anyone can join our team regardless of prior experience. What we need most of all are passionate folks who have a desire to help others. If you want to volunteer at live events, please sign up here. Are you interested in volunteering at a first-year festival? Volunteer at Inclusion Festival here. Or, if you are interested in helping us on the backend with administration work at our non-profit, please send us an email at

Q: I am event producer and I want to make my event more accessible. Can you assist me with this?

A: For ADA Compliance consulting and other event operations, we recommend you reach out to Ten Fifty Entertainment.

Q. I want to donate towards your cause! Is my donation tax-deductible?

A: Absolutely! We have 501c3 status from the IRS and will issue you a receipt for your donation. You can donate here. Thank you!

Q: I have a really cool idea that is right up your alley of helping the disabled community. Can you help me develop it?

A: You may very well be a candidate for a fiscal sponsorship with our organization. We are always interested in helping passionate people develop projects that fall under our organizational mission. As a fiscally sponsored project, you can accept tax-deductible donations with our 501c3 status and we can provide a whole assortment of resources and advisement. Contact us at for more information.

Q. I am disabled and am going to my first music festival. Do you have any suggestions?

A: Austin: Yes! After being at a stupid number of music festivals my biggest recommendation is to focus on self-reliance. Bring everything you may possibly need to enjoy the event. Bring extra supplies. Invest in a good head lamp. Sanitary wipes are helpful, as well as a good pair of gloves. Read the festival’s ADA information page – I encourage you to reach out to the festival with any questions you have. Bring clothes for heat, cold, and rain. If you’re in a wheelchair, consider some off-road tires. Go to the festival with a positive attitude and prepare to have an amazing time!

Q: I am an ASL interpreter and want to work with you guys at music festivals. How can I do that?

A: We are always looking to connect with talented performance interpreters. Shoot us an email at

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